Golf Speaking Engagements

Flexible seminars for any Audience

Golf Expo’s:

Provide up to 3 hours of golf swing seminars, entertaining and educating the golf public, each day of the Expo. Increase the time the patrons stay at the Expo, or return multiple times and days to see the presentations Interactive Booth with Book and DVD packages.

Life Style Show:

Provide up to 3 hours of entertainment and education on the golf swing each day of the Show. Increase the time the patrons stay at the Show, or return multiple times and days to see the presentations. Interactive Booth with the Book and video package.

Corporate Breakout:

Provide 1 hour of entertainment and education on the golf swing. With the increase in corporate golf, this is the perfect breakout session for partners, staff and clients. The show would be the 1 hour “Full Swing Seminar” with curriculum available for everyone and optional on course packages.


More than 500 shows in over 30 countries worldwide!

This engaging golf experience will entertain and educate your guests whether they are a seasoned player, or haven’t hit the links yet. This world renowned presentation, based off the book and video series takes the golf swing from start to finish in a logical, sequential delivery that will captivate your crowd with the simple truths about building their golf swing.

This experience leaves the patrons with a sense of confidence and a renewed or new passion to play the game.

COG’s unique ability to promote the game comes through 3 highly acclaimed edutainment stage presentations that have been seen by over 100,000 golfers worldwide. The speed in which players see improvement is unprecedented and the information gives them the confidence and  ability to build, maintain and improve their game.


Golf Edutainment Packages:


The Full Swing Show

Immerse your group in a one-hour presentation on the Center of Gravity Golf system, unraveling the secrets of the perfect swing. This educational and entertaining session will inspire your guests to hit the course or range with newfound enthusiasm. As a bonus, each attendee will receive a copy of "Get Your Swing in Gear" and a personalized video series, branded with your logo. (1-2 hours)


The Full Swing Show + Range Time with the Pros

Building upon the previous offering, this package includes everything from the Full Swing Show, plus an opportunity to practice on the range with a COG instructor. Watch your guests' skills soar as they apply their newfound knowledge. This comprehensive experience is guaranteed to captivate and motivate all participants. (3-4 hours)


Corporate Golf Outing Hosted by Center of Gravity Golf

Allow the Center of Gravity Golf team to curate an unforgettable corporate golf outing. This package encompasses the Full Swing Show, range time, on-course games, and the chance to play a few holes with experts Rob or Doug. It promises a day filled with fun and lasting memories for everyone involved.



The Corporate Golf Getaway

Indulge your corporate circle in the ultimate golf experience. This comprehensive package includes all three COG edutainment series shows, along with books and videos for all participants. Enjoy three range sessions with Rob and Doug, and even have them as your hosts and ambassadors for up to two rounds. It's the pinnacle of golf experiences for your corporate world. Our pricing is tailored to your event. Reach out to us with your event ideas, and we'll create a custom solution that suits your unique situation. Elevate your corporate engagement through Center of Gravity Golf, where business and golf come together for an unforgettable experience.