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The COGG system is built on these basic fundamentals of the game and explained in a way that anyone can understand and apply on the golf course.

• The Fundamentals of Motion
• The Short Game Plan
• Specialty Shots
• Training and Drills
• The Swing Sequence
• The Ball Positions of Golf


Why does Center of Gravity Golf work so fast?

Center of Gravity Golf has a history of surprising golfers as to the speed and ease of improvement while using the system. The success of the system really comes down to two things.

The delivery of the message

The lessons are delivered in a sequential manner using language that sticks and thoroughly explains the six (6) things you have to learn in order to have a repeatable, graceful, and powerful golf swing.  (Yes there are only 6 things to learn). The short game is the same - there are only 6 things you need to understand in order to build an awesome short game plan that will put you in a different bracket of golfer. The better you get at the initial 6 things…the better you get, it really is that simple.

Perfect golf practice plans

The second great thing about this system is the practice schedules. These practice routines are not filled with frivolous golf practice drills and routines, but focus entirely on the 6 things we need to learn, not perfect…remember, the closest to perfect golfers we have on earth are on the Pro Tours earning a good living - and they are not perfect. You only have to learn the best ways to practice golf, and then you can climb to any level you desire.

These practice sessions consist of only 60 balls - 10 for each of the 6 things. By focusing intently on only 1 thing at a time, for 10 swings, and then moving on to the next, you begin to build the  “brain / body” connection which leads to the autonomous stage (not thinking about your swing), very quickly. Everyone can do these practice schedules. It’s not hours on the range - it’s a medium basket, 2 or 3 times / week, and the more you do it, the faster you improve. It’s also a great warm-up before a round: just cut it in half, 30 balls, 5 on each and you’re ready to play.

The Center of Gravity Golf system is very different from the norm. It is designed not only to deliver extremely fast results, but also give you a profound understanding of what you have to do, and why. Once you read, watch, and understand this story, you will get excited about playing and practicing…and with my 100% money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose…but strokes.

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Center of Gravity Golf Gets Real Results!

Sean Doyle

24 to 14 Handicap in 2 Weeks

"I took two COGG lessons and managed to drop my handicap from a 24 handicap to a 14 in only 2 WEEKS."– Sean Doyle